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Basic Bundle



This combo contains a case and PULTOOL® - 1 pack. 

CASE: This slim, modern case keeps your Invisalign aligners and retainers secure at home and on the road. A magnetic closure ensures the case is securely fastened. The blue textured liner helps to minimize slipping and moving inside. Spacing behind the hinge allows for ventilation. The case arrives in a black drawstring pouch. Dimensions 3 ¾” diameter by ¾” high. Shipping available only to the US and Canada.

PULTOOL®: PULTOOL® is a hand-free aligner removal tool to keep your fingers out of your mouth.  PUL® products are compact to take with you on the go. PUL® was created by a Registered Dental Assistant to assist patients who use clear aligner orthodontic treatment and retainers. 


CASE: For use with standard Invisalign aligners and retainers. Store aligners and retainers in the case when not in use to minimize damage and loss. This case is not designed to immerse aligners in water for cleaning. Patients who have Invisalign aligners with precision wings should not use this case as the aligners may be damaged.

PULTOOL®: The PULTOOL® is an aligner removal tool.  The finger ring makes it easy to position, maneuver and remove your aligners.  It's especially helpful for aligners with buttons or attachments, without putting your fingers in your mouth.


CASE: Made with medical grade plastic (not natural rubber latex).

PULTOOL®: 100% food grade, non-toxic plastic material, BPA- Free, Phthalate- Free